What we offer

Coastal property is becoming a sought after commodity for investors. Investors are looking for a country that includes a stable and growing economy, potential return on investment from rentals and holidaymakers and a great climate for their own holiday. Mozambique offers more than 2500 kilometers of unspoiled tropical beaches, which has world class potential.

Mozambique Shoreline offers investors the opportunity to invest in these five unique property developments along the unspoiled and unpopulated Mozambiquean coast. We offer investors a real right (Decree 39/2007) to a private villa on each of the five developments. Investors have the luxury of choosing from five different developments along the coast. Each of these properties is selectively positioned along the white tropical beaches.

Mozambique Shoreline will facilitate all pre- and post sales services between investors and developers. This is done to streamline all negotiations, as well as to insure that all legal documentation in Mozambique is valid and up to date. It is of the utmost importance for the company to ensure that investors are protected and that developers deliver.

Each of the five developments consists of a selection of stands, each of which is sold with a building right. Investors have the option of choosing an in-house design done by the developer or a self-design, which will have to be proved according to the developing and environmental rights. On completion of construction, ownership will be transferred to the investor in the form of a Title Certificate, which is registered at the local Notary.

Mozambique Shoreline will ensure that all transfers of rights are done according to the Tourism Law. On completion of the transfer, investors will become part of the Property Owners Association. Each development will be governed by the rules and regulations set out by the aforementioned association.