Paradise at its Best

Morrungulo is situated between the two towns of Masinga and Vilanculos in the Inhambane province. Exclusivity is the name of the game on this stretch of Mozambican coastline.

Morrungulo offers pure uncompromised paradise to investors. This unchartered coast boasts endless white beaches lined by dazzling azure blue waters. These crystal clear waters and colourful coral pools offer irresistible snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fly fishing, and windsurfing and beckon you to spend long, lazy days splashing in the shallows and lying in the sand.

Each Villa has a clear view over the Indian Ocean and the beautiful coral reefs that line the unspoiled beaches. The development is large enough to accommodate future projects, which could include an airstrip, golf course and more.

The diving around Morrungulo is superb as most of the reefs have remained untouched and unexplored. New reefs are being found almost weekly while several main commercial diving reefs, including the popular Sylvia Shoals and New Year’s reefs, are close to the development:

Caves and Overhangs: Average depth 8m, Maximum 12m
New Year’s Reef: Average depth 9m, Maximum depth 22m
Sylvia Shoal: Average depth 10m, Maximum depth 25m
Jake’s Crack: Average depth 22m, Maximum depth 32m
King Deep: Average depth 40m, Maximum depth 45m

The waters in the vicinity of Morrungulo are home to some of the biggest and best game fish in the business. It is not uncommon to take Kingfish at weights of 25kg and upwards from the beach. The sheer quantity and diversity is enough to keep any angler enthralled!

Morrungulo can be accessed by 4x4 or helicopter and lies right between the Inhambane and Vilanculos airports, each of which is two hours away.