Blissful Haven

A 90-minute drive through lush coconut plantations and across the Inhambane bay brings you to Morrumbene. The beautiful, unspoiled beaches of Morrumbene extend for kilometres along the coastline and are complimented by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean stretching to the horizon. This is the dazzling view that awaits you as each Villa surveys the warm topical waters of the Indian Ocean.

The close proximity of excellent diving reefs and fishing spots makes the location ideal for the keen diver and fisherman. The extensive beaches and warm waters offer safe swimming throughout the year and many an evening will be spent walking bare-foot in the soft, white sands along the water line collecting shells from the hundreds that seem to wash up on this beach. Your shell collection will grow with every sunset…

Morrumbene is still a highly unexplored stretch of coastline with few people having ventured into this solitary haven. According to local fishermen, within the immediate vicinity of Morrumbene, many diving reefs lie below the surface of the water, waiting to be discovered while those that have been discovered, are still relatively new and unexplored.

Morrumbene will definitely prove to be very popular with windsurfers and kite surfers due to the moderate south westerly wind while the perennial breeze will tempt any sailor.

Morrumbene is located a two hour drive from Inhambane airport, can be accessed by 4x4, boat or helicopter and is a mere 45 minutes from the main road making accessibility easy and convenient.