A Room with a View

Inhambane Investimentos is situated at the Northern Point of the Bay of Inhambane on the small peninsula of Linga Linga. The calm waters of the bay are lined with white sands and palm-fringed beaches.

Nestled among tropical foliage, and lined with coconut trees, each of the Villas boasts uninterrupted views of the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. The indigenous flora tucks each stand away from sight, making you feel like Robinson Crusoe living in absolute luxury.

Linga Linga is situated near the town of Inhambane, which has an international airport. Transfers from the airport require a mere 45-minute boat ride. The development also has easy access from the main road for those travelling by car.

The tropical waters of the Indian Ocean not only ensure safe swimming all year round but also provide an ideal location for fishing and diving enthusiasts. The coastline along Inhambane offers some of the most pristine and unspoiled reefs on the East African coast and Inhambane Investimentos is close to some of the best diving reefs, the majority of which are situated close to Barra beach:

Buddies Reef: Average depth 8m, Maximum depth 11m
Creche: Average depth 7m, Maximum depth 10m
The Office Reef: Average depth 23m, Maximum depth 30m
Coliseum: Average depth 24m, Maximum depth 30m
Amazon: Average depth 24m, Maximum depth 30m

The ocean waters around the development are still relatively unexplored and diving reefs are still being discovered closer to the development, giving guests a truly amazing chance to explore these unspoilt depths.

The water north of the Linga Linga is known for its excellent fishing and big game fish are caught on a regular basis. The area is especially well-known for exceptional marlin and sailfish.

This area is also home to the very rare and endangered Dugong, these shy creators are very unique and spotting one is a singular experience.

Inhambane Investimentos can be accessed by 4x4, boat or helicopter and is located a two hour drive or 25-minute boat ride from the Inhambane Airport. All investors are in favour of creating a private sanctuary on the peninsula. The proposed project has been presented to the Morrumbene Administration for approval.