About Us

Mozambique Shoreline is a marketing company representing five unique coastal developments in Southern Mozambique. Each of the five developments was specifically selected according to very strict criteria. Clear waters, white beaches, safe swimming, excellent diving and fishing areas and accessibility were the main criteria for selecting these properties.

Our company’s objective and mission is to provide investors with an opportunity to invest into exclusive beachfront properties in southern Mozambique. We offer an excellent before and after sales service by providing continuous support throughout the buying process. Our continuous involvement guarantees safe and secure investments and provides investors with the necessary information to make sound investment decisions.

Each of the five developments that we represent strictly adheres to the laws governing the land use rights of Mozambique. All members of the local community, provisional- and national government were involved in the process of gaining the rights to develop.

These developments play a very important role in the social up-liftment of the local communities, the protection of natural resources of the surrounding areas and the economical up - liftment of Mozambique.

We currently represent developments in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. These developments include investment opportunities surrounding the Kruger National Park, Okavango Delta and Kalahari.

Our expertise in these three countries adds value to any investment.